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The Visuals is a digital fashion support company for the garment industry.

We offer our services to fashion-brands and -retailers that have a digital future-focus. Our team is specialized in Digital Style Creation (DSC). The software we use is industry standard.

We want to support the fashion industry with our knowledge of DSC to make the supply chain: Faster, cheaper and more sustainable. To achieve the best results, we work closely with the designers and buyers of our customers.


3D Fashion designer, co-founder of THE VISUALS


In 2007 Taisia successfully graduated at the Saint-Petersburg Technology and Design University with a Master in Fashion & Design. During last half a year of her study, she worked as a design assistant at Alena Akhadullina haute couture fashion house in Saint-Petersburg.

At 2007 she started to work as a designer/buyer for one of the biggest Russian fashion retail chains: Melon Fashion Group. She worked 9 years  in their Shanghai (China) buying office: “I was dealing with all the first developments in the old-fashioned way. Hundreds and hundreds of garment samples passed through my hands those years.” – says Taisia.

 In 2016 Taisia moved to Holland where her path led her to new creation systems such as virtual fashion and 3d design. That’s when she came up with the idea of THE VISUALS.

“The Digitalization is the only way forward for the fashion industry for me. It helps to reduce the sampling waste for more than 80%; it’s cheaper, faster, more accurate and more sustainable. The new challenges of our time in the fashion industry require new solutions. THE VISUALS can help you to bring your brand on the digital path and adjust to the fast-changing market situation by applying 3D technologies.” According to Taisia.

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