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UseDem started as a project about upcycling old jeans into new products.Meanwhile UseDem is selling their handmade products of recycled denim in various parts of the world. Upcycling, good working conditions, fair wages and sustainability are the key values of the brand. UseDem asked to The Visuals to help them with more sustainable product development. By designing the product first digital-only they are minimizing the waste in the fashion product chain; less waste in time, money and energy. The 3D designed products are also used for marketing purposes.

UseDem used the 3D designs for internal and extern communication.


Xenia Sidorenka Founder of USEDEM:

“At UseDem we love the possibilities of 3D design, we have a chance to show to our customers the product in a different more sustainable way. For internal communication it helps to present our ideas to corporate clients without sampling, what's save time and get clear understanding on possible realisation from our design team and clear estimation of material consumption.”


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