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We will help your brand with transferring your 2D pattern collection into 3D.  All the patterns are arranged and sewn in 3D software. Together we will build your own digital garments library which can be used for repeat styles - when you only need to change fabric- , colour or print, or new products with more significant changes. Our designers can use your DXF patterns to develop a 3D sample or start from a sketch, provided by you.
Our library

3D models can be rotated, zoomed-in and every aspect can be viewed in real time giving potential buyers a good look at the product before they buy. 3D products are very suitable to be placed in animated video’s, in which the creative possibilities are endless. Your product will have the potential to draw massive attention by being shared in various social media. Project Julia Allert

By sending us a sketch of any kind, the garment can be exported into 3D images, 360° turn able video, or a video of the garment in movement.

Project SC Fashion

If you want to see that the fit of your design is correct without the need for sewing it, 3D visualization is a smart solution. For this, we would need the 2D pattern of your design so we can quickly transfer it to 3D and if any pattern adjustments need to be done, we can handle it as well. In the end, you get a file with a ready pattern set and grading that can be used directly for production. Project Unique

AR virtual try-on experiences have revolutionized the way fashion brands engage with consumers on platforms like Snapchat and TikTok.

Through these platforms, fashion enthusiasts can use their smartphones to virtually try on clothing and accessories, allowing them to see how different items look on their own bodies before making a purchase.

 Snapchat and TikTok offer interactive AR filters and effects that accurately map clothing items onto the user's image, creating a seamless and engaging try-on experience.


This technology has not only enhanced the online shopping experience but has also increased user engagement and shareability, as users can create fun and shareable content showcasing their virtual try-ons.

 Fashion brands are leveraging these AR try-on features to reach wider audiences, boost brand awareness, and drive sales by providing a unique and interactive way for consumers to connect with their products.

Once the patterns of your garment is ready to be sent to the factory we can create a tech pack with all the technical details in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes when manufacturing. Our team has rich experience in making tech packs for factories and suppliers in Europe and Asia. Project Unique

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